Monday, August 30, 2010

homemade dough and more

It's been awhile since I've updated. Sorry.

For one, I've just felt really busy with starting two new jobs. (oh--I think that's blog world news :)

I'm working "prn" aka part-time/full-time with a home health care company called Interim. I started orientation last weeks...LOOOTS of paperwork (which is my least favorite part of my job), but I'll get the hang of it! Tomorrow I go observe a visit...and Wednesday I have my first new patient in home care.

Job #2: Colorado Physical Therapy Institute. Check out where I get to work!
CPTI seems like a really great place! It's a bit intimidating right now because I'm new to all the paperwork and team...and they have lots of cool, "state-of-the-art" equipment that I'll be learning. I'll share more about those as I learn :) I started last Thursday with orientation and then I saw 3 new patients (It was a LOONG day!!). Once I finish up orientation, my regular hours will just be Tuesday/Thursday 4-8pm...hoping that my patient load increases, which eventually will increase me to full time! :) My boss, Roger Rettig is a fantastic PT and a great teacher--he has LOTS of experience...and he is very kind. I am excited to work with him!

On to more fun stuff...I've been "into" making bread. (Side note: kinda steering away from the "gluten-free diet"--we're eating gluten in moderation...that's the bottom line)

It's a bit challenging learning how to make bread here in altitude, but I kinda like it! :) We ended up with edible bread (In fact, the "cinnamon swirl" loaf was gone fast!)...lots of it at that! The freezer has a few loaves...and wow, it's cheaper than buying (and I know what goes in it!!)

I also made some pretty good homemade pizza dough (organic whole wheat and spelt), which we had last night.

Here is the olive oil, zuchinni, tomato, mushroom, garlic, and goat cheese one.

I also made a red/green pepper, onion, mushroom, and mozarella cheese one...but the picture won't upload...maybe tomorrow! :)

Well, I'm off to getting things ready for my big Tuesday...which starts with Yoga at this little studio that's a minute walk 6:30 am! I"ve gone 3 times--love it!...hoping Jesse rolls outta bed and goes with me tomorrow!!

Any tips on baking bread...especially in altitude?? I'll take 'em! And then I'll try again in like a week or so (we have plenty of bread for now...;))

Friday, August 20, 2010

end of this week

I have been job hunting all week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and most of Thursday comprised of me researching clinics in the area, composing cover letters, printing resumes, and then visiting each Physical Therapy clinic in Broomfield/Westminster (south of Louisville), Lafayette/Louisville/Superior, and Boulder areas. I haven't counted, but I'm pretty sure I have gone to close to 30 clinics!

75% of the time the secretary or front desk personnel told me they weren't hiring, but they would take my resume.

15% of the time the secretary or front desk personnel (occassionally an actual therapist) told me they might be hiring...took my resume gladly...and I left the clinic feeling super exciting!

10% of the time I actually got to talk to the owner or manager of the one place on Wednesday I even got an "on the spot" interview!! woo hoo!

Bottom line: I have 4 good outpatient clinic leads. Some won't really know anything for a month or so. My "on the spot" interview one--well, I turned in the application and paperwork they asked me to fill out yesterday and met the whole staff. I was hoping to hear back by today, but guess that'll wait til Monday!

Also...I interviewed with Interim Home Health Care today! The interview went really well! Again, I had to fill out a bunch of paperwork. Today they were suppose to run my background check...and then we may start orientation on Monday!! So, I'm (PRETTY) sure I have a job in home health. I'm really excited because it's still orthopedic type patients and it's super flexible!

The stormy bike ride event
Yesterday I went out for a ride around 3:30...I was so excited to particular reason. I saw some dark clouds when I was heading out, but they didn't look too bad (or so I thought!). I was following a route that I found on mapmyride (super great website!!)...then I made my turn onto "Disk Rd."--I saw a sign that said "Private Property" and "No Trespassing"..I thought about turning around, but then I was like "maybe it's just for automobiles...?? besides, I found this route online!", so I proceeded. Then, I came up on one of those little security booths. At first I didn't see anyone in there (mind you, no contacts, no glasses...). Then, as I'm passing the booth, I see this head pop up and run out the little side door.

Yes, Mr. security man who tells me I cannot go any further and must turn around. Boo!

So, I turned around and starting making my own new map...thankfully consulting my google map application on my iPhone :)

So here I am on this slight incline of a hill...and by slight, I mean, it keeps slightly increasing. While increasing, it also started kind of sprinkling...then, it seemed like out of nowhere the rain was getting harder, I heard thunder, then I saw some lightning. The only thing around were these office buildings. I rode up to the front, parked the bike right outside the door and found shelter right inside the door.

So, I'm sitting there, texting Jesse to tell him what happened. I was going to just wait it out...but then this guy, who is leaving work comes up to me and says that he has a bike rack on the back of his Jeep and that he can give me a ride. I told him I was fine...pretty sure like two times...but he kinda insisted...I don't really remember what happened, because I've NEVER done this! But before I knew it, I had agreed...and he was going to pull up his blue Jeep.

Whoa...what am I thinking??!

So I get my bike on his bike rack...get in this blue Jeep...and down the road we go. The storm cleared about just a few miles down the road, so after super awkward conversation, I just told him he could drop me off on the side of the road and I'd ride the rest of the way home.

And that's what happened. Call it Mr. blue Jeep's kind deed of the day. Call it Bri's super thankful he didn't hurt her or steal her bike...and she won't be doing that again.

On the way home, I saw this beautiful "double rainbow"...not sure if that's the technical name, but it was like a "double decker" know, 2 ROY G BIVs. Have you heard of this before? Jesse never had. ROY G stands for Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue/Indigo/Violet...the colors of the rainbow!

Then, I came home and made these yummy roasted veggie salads (yellow squash, yams, carrots, onion, garlic oven roasted...on a bed of romaine and kale (chopped)...along with quinoa and black beans). Full of great nutrients...and very filling!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

taco night

These are the yummy tacos I made tonight for dinner. I think I could eat these every night!!

Vegetarian Tacos
Beans: 1, 16 oz can of organic pinto beans
2-3 cloves of garlic chopped
1/3 of a small white onion chopped

In a small pot on medium heat, sauté onion and garlic in olive oil. Then after about 2 minutes, add pinto beans. Cook on medium for about 5 more minutes, then lower to simmer.

Veggie filling: 1 small yellow squash
1/2 red onion
1 red pepper
1/2 green pepper
2 cloves of garlic
Chop all veggies into "small chunks". Then sauté veggies in pan on medium heat starting with onion/garlic, then peppers, and finally yellow squash. Season with salt and cayenne pepper to taste.

Pico de Gallo: 2 medium tomatoes
1/2 white onion
handful of cilantro
1 lime
1 ear of corn
Dice tomatoes, onion, and cilantro and mix into a bowl. Cut corn off the cob and mix into tomato mixture. Cut lime in halves and squeeze juice into the mixture.

Fill organic corn tortilla shells with beans, veggies, and pico...LOVE IT!!

**You can use whatever veggie combo you choose. I really like the pepper/squash combo.**

Sunday, August 15, 2010

a weekend report...

I wish I could upload photos for this post...but we can't find the cord that we need for my Nikon.
I'll work on that and try to get photos up soon!

Friday night we ventured out to the "Louisville Street Faire"...every Friday night through the summer (this Friday was the last one) they block off a street, have lots of booths, things for the kiddos, and a band come play...oh and lots of food and drinks! Since this is talked about as the thing to do here, we decided we must go. So, here we are in dowtown Louisville...find a great parking spot...and walk in. It was wierd that we weren't meeting up with anyone...we had already eaten we had nothing to do...and no one to talk to :(. We made the best of it and kept pretending we were looking for know, I'd say to Jesse, "I thought we were meeting them you see them?" hahaha...made ourselves laugh. We made a big circle and left. Home by 8pm.

Saturday we took a long bike ride through Louisville/Lafeyette/Longmont/Erie area. It was hilly. We are in altitude. Jesse is so much faster than me. We were out for 2 hours and 45 minutes...I was completely done for. I did not feel well for until about 2 hours after the ride. Altitude is not cool, but it will be after we've trained in it and then go to Missouri for a race....hopefully :) What was amazing though were the sights on the ride...LOVE IT!

After recuperating (aka Bri taking a nap), we went up to El Dorado canyon for a hike/run with Maxwell, our beloved black lab. The trail was a bit steep. The views were amazing! I think I got some good photos of the scenery...we'll see when we get them uploaded onto the computer.

Today we ran together with Max on a trail close to our house that also loops right pass a dog park. It actually got kinda warm out there on the trail. Again, this trail has wonderful sights--at one point you can see the whole city (maybe more like town) of Louisville (and probably Lafayette) on one side and the flatirons on the other.

We also ventured down to Boulder for a little "shopping"--more like browsing and coveting clothes/gear we'd love it have. It was fun to be in the interesting array of people in Boulder. I want to just go sit at a coffee shop down on Pearl Street soon just to watch people!

Can't believe one week is behind us and another is coming up soon...

I'll post photos when I get this all figured out!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Update and Bean & Veggie Soup recipe

Jesse is enjoying his job so far. He thinks he's going to really like it...especially once he really gets into his projects (there's been lots of "first week set-up" things so far!)

We came out here with just one car (our lovely diesel Jetta...she's great!) in order to simplify, so I've been dropping him off and picking him up from work--I feel like I'm taking him to school! :) Bike commuting, walking, and the bus system are so normal and convenient here, it's great!
We can run up to the Louisville Rec Center in about 6 minutes (we did yesterday...), walk to Starbucks (necessity :)), the nice salon I visited on Wednesday, various restaurants, etc. It's an easy bike ride to Whole Foods Market, Sports Authority, Target, and any other major chain business that is just about 1-2 miles away. We love the active community!

I (Bri) am still looking for a physical therapy job out here. It's a GREAT place to be a PT since the community is so active and athletic and there are LOTS of clinics here! The issue I'm running into is that a) there is a very low turnover (people come to Boulder area to work/live...then don't leave!) and b)it's very competitive (many employers have asked for 5+ years experience). I just printed out a bunch of resumes/cover letters and I'm going to just go introduce myself and offer a resume to several (4 or so...) clinics in the area that I think look interesting. The worst that could happen is they say "no"...right?? :)

I wanted to share my bean and veggie soup recipe with you all. I shared it with our friends Kristyn and Cort and they loved it! I made it last here it goes:

Organic Bean and Veggie Soup Recipe

*I use all organic materials...of course, you could choose not to.*

2, 20 oz cans of diced tomatoes

1, 20 oz can of black beans

1, 16 oz can of kidney beans (I switch up the bean variety...try whatever looks good!)

3/4 a bag of frozen corn

5-6 large carrots peeled and chopped

1 medium onion diced

1/2-3/4 a bunch of kale (or collard greens)

4 cups of water (use more or less depending on the consistency you are wanting)

salt and pepper or everyday seasoning of your choice to taste

Pour all ingredients into a pot. Set at a medium-hot heat, in order to bring to a slight boil. Keep at a medium heat for about 1 hour in order to cook the kale and carrots. Then, simmer on low until ready to eat.

Try serving it over quinoa or with cheese on top.

Get creative and add whatever veggies you want! (I've done asparagus, green beans, potatoes...)
This is like a once-a-week meal for us. It makes GREAT leftovers for lunches...and we also freeze it for a quick meal in the future.

Hope you like this simple, nutrient-filled meal!

...Off to find a job! :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Colorado: our new adventure.

The beginning. The background.

Jesse and I both love the playground called "Colorado"...both for the scenery and the activities it has to offer. We had talked, even when just engaged to be wed, that we would like to one day live in Colorado, even if just for a short stint. So here we are, just one year of marriage down, and we're in Colorado!

Jesse found a great job in Boulder (an area we both really like!)...was given an offer...and we were to be moved out there, ready for him to start, in a matter of 3 weeks! The next 3 weeks was a whirlwind...getting renters in our house, packing our house, spending time with people, resigning from our jobs, and all the in between details.

We are so thankful for such wonderful family and friends that are supporting us through this transition. We feel it's the right thing for our "family" at this time. Jesse's job opportunity. Bri's potentially great physical therapy opportunities (athletes and ART). A "fresh start" with just the two of us. Enjoy the outdoors and activities of Colorado...all while trusting God more, relying on each other more, and enjoying life.

It was hard to leave St. Louis...many tears were shed...and it's hard being on the flipside, here in Colorado and it's JUST the two of us ;) We miss you, St. Louis! (and Kansas City!)

I just got back from my first bike ride out here...waiting for Jesse to roll in from his, I better finish up dinner! Spaghetti squash with sauteed zuchinni, tomato, kale, onion, and garlic is up for tonight!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Steelhead Ironman 70.3

I was writing this post and ALMOST finished when it was time for the computer to be packed and put in the moving truck in St. Louis. Here it is...race report from Steelhead 2 weeks ago!

We drove up to Benton Harbor/St. Joseph area in Michigan on Thursday. It was a lovely little downtown area that was easy to relax in. We unpacked, took a quick, easy ride around town, then got ready for dinner.

Friday we woke up and got a good little swim in. Jesse quickly taught me how to "dolphin dive" to enter the swim and gave me a few last tips on my swim stroke. The lake was so clear that most of the time you could see the sandy floor. It was a great swim. I finally felt confident about Saturday's race. We got a late breakfast at a cute little cafe, bummed around town, I took a nap, and lots of stretching that day! We went to dinner at the Port House Restaurant, where half of the restaurant was filled with triathletes.

Saturday morning came quick, but for once I wasn't lying in bed (in the dark) and trying to talk myself out of doing the race...which is usually what my mind does race morning. Instead, I was ready to go. I was excited. We got ready and grabbed our gear...out the door, just to find that it was raining--at some points it would classify as pouring/storming.

Swim. To start off, we had to walk down the sandy beach about 1 mile to get to the swim start. This was almost harder than the swim :) The lake was lovely. I felt good on the swim. No panicking. Just kept reminding myself "glide smoothly". I noticed the very base of my hair was starting to get caught on the velcro of my wetsuit and was pulling more and more as I turned my head to breathe. It got worse throughout the swim that during the last 500 meters or so, I could only turn to breathe on the right. (After my post-race shower, I went to comb my hair and found I had formed a lovely birds nest there...lovely! Lindsey untangled it though!) I had felt so good in the lake that when I got out and saw my time, I was disappointed that I was SO SLOW! Oh was a good, under control swim. And I wasn't the last one out. :)

1.2 miles. Done.

T1. The run through the sand and slightly uphill was a little tough after the swim, but at that point, I was just very happy to be out of the water and on to the bike. (see above photo)

Bike. Overall, it was nice. My age group (25-29) was the last women's wave to start, so I had all these fast guys passing me on the bike (the ones that hadn't already passed me on the swim :)). On the other hand, I did end up passing a good number of women, so that was encouraging. I kept my heart rate in control and would say that overall, it was fairly hilly, but a good course. My rear was so ready to be off the saddle that the last 6 miles were seriously brutal...they seemed soo long! I finished the bike a little faster than I had expected, so that was nice.

Another 56 miles. Total of 57.2 miles...done.

Run. First few miles were kinda's just so comforting to be on the last leg of the race. I walked the aid stations to be sure I was getting enough water/nutrition mile 4, though I kept walking a bit after the station due to a side stitch. Amanda, my new friend from Philadelphia came running up behind me and said "Come on, Brianna, you can do it!" (Our names were on our race number bibs). I started running with her and ran the next few miles with her--so nice to just chat with someone and take your mind off the pain. :) Then Jesse caught up with me (he started the swim about an hour after me) and we got to run much of the remaining half marathon together (normally I couldn't keep up with him, but he's been injured and was having to do a slow jog). That was a lot of fun to run with him! I was smiling a lot...a few spectators commented on two things when I ran past: a) the "bling" on my it. and b) that I was smiling...I was trying to trick my brain at that point. Also, my number one goal of the day (even over finishing!) was to have fun! ...and that I did!

Another 13.1 miles. Total of 70.3 miles...done and DONE! I was so excited to be done!

So glad we get to do this together...Happy 1st Anniversary, babe! :)

Almost immediately I was starting to think of what race I'll do next. It's addicting. Usually I have wanted to do a longer distance, but now I just want to become better. I started running March 2005 with my dear friend, Jessy Beard--I did my first 5K in April of 05...just started triathalons this year.

I want to become stronger. Be a healthier and better athlete. So next I'm going to start pilates and maybe run another marathon this fall/winter?

A few 70.3 races next year.

I think I'll do a full Ironman the following year....who knows! :)