Monday, September 27, 2010

Hiking Mt. Evans

We hiked Mt. Evans last weekend.

On our way, we drove through Golden, CO. I had never been there--lovely little town! We got coffee at this cute little coffee shop. Jesse thought it'd be awkward to take a photo, no photo :( haha

I'm just going to share a bunch of photos with you (captions are BELOW photos)--it was a blast!

Mt. Evans

Summit Lake. It was so beautiful.

First snow! was like 1/2 inch here, the most we hiked through was like 2 inches, but it got cold up there!

Here we are on the way up to summit this mountain!

My mountain man.

Keep following the rock pyramid piles...the guide across the mountain.

Jesse now has the camera...

"action shot, Bri" somehow it looks like I'm playing football.

This photo is to show how much faster Jesse hikes than I do. At this point, I think I was really cold too. So I was telling Jesse he might have to cut my frozen hands off. (We made a lot of "mistakes" this go around...gloves will be taken next time ;))

Summit Photo!

If you're still reading, you get to hear the full story. So we didn't know we could actually summit Mt. Evans...we knew the road leading up to the top was closed due to snow fall. The trails were open (as you just saw :)). But this meant that we didn't have quite the water and food needed to summit and then return back down the mountain the long way we came.

So we hiked down the side of the mountain...aka trail blazed our own.

The last photo shows what we hiked down.

May have been restricted land.

We made it ready for the next 14er!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

catching up...again...

So, here I am at this place again...behind on the blogworld.

Work has been a lot. I don't get home until 8:15-8:30 every Tuesday/Thursday when I work at CPTI and I have had a TON of paperwork to do in the evenings for home health care. Excuses, excuses...;)

Vegetable Curry I made (at least 1 1/2 weeks ago :/). Simple, easy. "Seeds of Change" curry sauce is the base...simmer with veggies (I just used frozen edamame, corn, and peas and fresh butternut squash--a little random combo, but it's what we had on hand). Served over quinoa with a side of broccoli. Jesse loved it.
The great outdoors. This is practically our backyard (just a few miles away from our apartment) This is the Four Mile Canyon where the "Boulder fire" was. You couldn't even see the foothills it was soo smoky. We were always fine...and I think everyone has moved back into their houses.
being artsy with the bike on a long ride.

CU-Boulder campus. I rode through on all these fun bike trails through campus and downtown Boulder. Loved it!

Again, artsy...:) We get to live in a beautiful place!!
I've been running on "real trails" aka no pavement involved :) to prepare for my half marathon in a few weeks. Sore feet/ankles due to actual rocks and roots, but lots of fun! I'll have to take my camera on a run soon to show you all! Hope I make it through the race...trail running is tough for a little city road running girl like me ;)
I think we might hike Long's Peak (one of the "14ers" Estes Park) on Saturday.
I'll try to keep up on postings...that is, if anyone reads this thing :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

26th year of life

Thursday was my 26th birthday. It was a great day. I had a lot of sadness being far from dear family and friends (more so the next day it all hit)...but so thankful for my wonderful husband, sweet pup, and a beautiful place I get to live.

Went to yoga. (love it)

Then went for a quick run (yes, I took Maxwell...not suppose to run him until he's 1 year old...but I wanted him to come with me)....but because I took him it turned into interval training. Whenever he'd see a rabbit, prairie dog (alot around our house), or nothing (I"m convinced he just thinks he sees something/just smells something and then RUNS!). He's kinda crazy. He is going to obedience school soon. He needs the dog park like 3 x day.

Then I treated myself to a cinnamon roll and coffee...and read the local paper.

Then I went for a bike ride. I went out towards El was hilly. I was sucking wind a good 3 hills worth. It was chilly, but perfect with my jacket on.

Then I met Jesse for lunch at Beau Jo's....some of my favorite pizza here! It was really yummy!

Then I went to Starbucks (yes, it's a must ;))...again, treated myself to a cinnamon dolce latte WITH whip...wooo hoo! I sipped on it as I talked to my Aunt Karen (birthday twin...only she turned 50 this year ;)) sister...and worked on some things for work.Then I was off to work!

3:30-8pm shift at Colorado PT Insitute. My evening schedule was packed full! 2 new patients...and my other returning patients are doing well. Good night in the clinic. But it was wierd that no one knew it was my birthday...oh well.

Finally, I'm driving home!! Jesse had told me to be sure to come through the front door (not the back porch door)...hmmm...I was excited. I love surprises!! :) I knocked on the front door to hear Jesse and Max running down the hall. Jesse opened the door and they both had birthday party hats on and Jesse was blowing a party horn! It was great!! Then I proceeded to see this:

So fun. So sweet. These are some of my very favorite things (listed above). I really do love being here...just the three of us :)

I just signed up for the Bear Chase Trail Race:
Check out the photos of the race course...b-e-a-uutiful! October 3rd running the half marathon distance (not crazy enough yet to do a 50K or 50 day). I just need motivation to consistently workout. I'm stoked.

Micalla just left town today...Ed and Shelli (my wonderful in-laws) are staying with us tonight. It's been great having wonderful visitors. I'll blog about that soon...:-)