Sunday, February 21, 2010

Apple Cider Vinegar

I am totally sold on this thing called Apple Cider Vinegar. For starters it can be found at your local grocery store or Whole Foods market for $5-6 a bottle...which lasts a long time. Let me tell you about this gem that I have found...

-it's described by many as a "cure all"
-is said it could destroy harmful bacteria in the digestive tract
-may speed up metabolism, which causing your body to burn fat quicker, often called the "fat burner" :)
-may help lower glucose levels--if taken with a meal, it can help lower the post-meal rise in glucose levels (I've read some stories about it curing/helping people who have diabetes)
-alkaline-acid balance of your body's system. Let's break this one down-so, our blood is natural slightly alkaline (more basic, than acidic), but many of the foods we eat (grains, meat, dairy) produce acid, causing our blood to be more acidic than it should. The problem is that it has been shown that a high acid diet may cause or lead to low energy, increased production of mucous, infections, anxiety, irritability, headaches, sore throat, nasal and sinus congestion, allergies (seasonal or other reactions), and it can also make you prone to arthritis and gout. AVC is an acid, but it has an alkalinizing effect on the body.

I expounded on that last one because it is where I have personally experienced a great difference with ACV. I started drinking my ACV drink (2-3 teaspoons of AVC with 8 oz of water with a pack of Stevia or agave nectar) three times a daily...faithfully! Also, I ate "clean and whole", exercised, and got good amounts of sleep. At the end of the week I realized that I didn't have my "afternoon crashes" at work on Thursday and Friday--note: I always get these afternoon crashes where I feel like I NEED coffee or a's awful! Back to the story, last week (my 2nd week), I wasn't as faithful--maybe I got one of my drinks in a day (if that) and I felt more tired and ended up sick on Friday with the head cold bug that was being passed around at work. Also, very important, is that you must get organic ACV...non-organic apple cider vinegar does not have the health's just vinegar! I personally chose the "Bragg's" seen in the picture above.

That's just my story...I think it's a very reasonable thing to pick up and try--and despite the fact that Jesse thinks it smells awful, which it does when sniffed from the bottle :), it's not that bad to sip on. [Other ACV recipes: add to your fruit smoothie, warm the ACV drink listed above in a mug and pretend it's coffee, use honey instead of sweetener...that's all I've got...if you have a recipe that you like, Shannon (my fellow ACV friend!), post that as well.

Have a healthy, simple day!

Friday, February 19, 2010

the start.

I want to be a blogger, but the thing that has held me back is the very thing that has been occurring the last 10 minutes--I keep typing, then deleting everything and starting over.
My dear friend and neighbor Shannon has inspired me. She is a great blogger.

I want to blog because I enjoy entering into the blog world as a spectator.
I want to blog to share thoughts on life.
I have been thinking about how to live well--physically, spiritually, emotionally, professionally...and also how to be simple at the same time. So, that's where the blog name came from...

Here are some general goals that I want to accomplish in my life...I love thinking about goals.
*be a godly wife (and mom...Lord willing, not soon :))
*be an excellent physical therapist; help people live well
*lead a simple, healthy lifestyle
*be an iron(wo)man
*live every moment in the full joy that is from Jesus