Wednesday, September 22, 2010

catching up...again...

So, here I am at this place again...behind on the blogworld.

Work has been a lot. I don't get home until 8:15-8:30 every Tuesday/Thursday when I work at CPTI and I have had a TON of paperwork to do in the evenings for home health care. Excuses, excuses...;)

Vegetable Curry I made (at least 1 1/2 weeks ago :/). Simple, easy. "Seeds of Change" curry sauce is the base...simmer with veggies (I just used frozen edamame, corn, and peas and fresh butternut squash--a little random combo, but it's what we had on hand). Served over quinoa with a side of broccoli. Jesse loved it.
The great outdoors. This is practically our backyard (just a few miles away from our apartment) This is the Four Mile Canyon where the "Boulder fire" was. You couldn't even see the foothills it was soo smoky. We were always fine...and I think everyone has moved back into their houses.
being artsy with the bike on a long ride.

CU-Boulder campus. I rode through on all these fun bike trails through campus and downtown Boulder. Loved it!

Again, artsy...:) We get to live in a beautiful place!!
I've been running on "real trails" aka no pavement involved :) to prepare for my half marathon in a few weeks. Sore feet/ankles due to actual rocks and roots, but lots of fun! I'll have to take my camera on a run soon to show you all! Hope I make it through the race...trail running is tough for a little city road running girl like me ;)
I think we might hike Long's Peak (one of the "14ers" Estes Park) on Saturday.
I'll try to keep up on postings...that is, if anyone reads this thing :)


  1. I read it! Keep posting :) Actually, I check it every day. It's on my bookmarks bar, so I go through my list every day :)

    For some reason curry freaks me out. I need to give it a try. I haven't gone to the famer's market in awhile, so I'm lacking on the veggies. I did, however make veggie lasagna and it was hit! Sooo yummy and it's lasted me for multiple meals.

    I like your artsy pics. Nice :) I applied for another CO job...this one is just a Crate & Barrel, but hey, it was a job opening!

    LOVE YOU!!

  2. I'm reading and checking daily... I may not be calling as much as I would like to but i still miss you both! It's just different!